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Robotic prostate surgery recovery time

Prostate cancer runs in my family, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my number came up.  When I did get the diagnosis, I chose robotic surgery to treat MY case of prostate cancer, but there are many other excellent therapies available.  You can only decide what to do for your case of prostate cancer by consulting your medical doctor.

How was my recovery from prostate surgery?  Let me say that just as every human being is different, so is every case of prostate cancer.  And the last thing in the world I would recommend is to compare your case with anyone else’s case, including my own.  Yes, you can get a general idea of how some other people recovered, but your experience may very well be better, the same, or worse.

At the time of my robotic surgery, I was a 62 years old, in decent physical shape, and was in good overall health (except for the prostate cancer). I had stayed fairly active in my life and kept my weight in check.

Urinary continence

I first had a catheter in for about 7 days while at home, and my urinary control returned fairly quickly after it was removed, surprisingly quickly in fact. So I think I did better than most on that front.

Erectile function

My erectile function took longer than average, if I am to believe what I read about others’ experiences in online forums. Like I said, everyone is different.

I sleep all night now

The best news is that the urinary blockage that was my prostate gland has now been removed, and I don’t get up to go to the bathroom at night anymore. I  sleep all night.  To see my  “6 incredible stories if how I pee better after prostate surgery” –>  click here.


My first 60 days after prostate surgery detailed here

I kept a diary of my recovery for about the first 60 days, after I got home from the hospital.   This post gives you a more detailed look at the day to day challenges and improvement that I experienced during my recovery.  Click here.


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The day of surgery and the day after surgery

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