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I am an accountant living in the Chicago area who had surgery for prostate cancer.  I chose the surgical route, so that’s all I can write about, but you should know that there are many other excellent therapies available for prostate cancer – not just surgery. You have to consult with your doctor about what is right for you and your case.

This is an unbiased story of one person, an individual, (not a big business trying to sell you something) who achieved all 3 trifecta goals (cancer control, urinary continence and erectile function).

This blog is my own idea. Nobody is paying me to say anything – positive or negative.

My results were good, and I felt I should tell my story. In fact, I coined a new term – the urological decafecta – you can read about it here:  10 Great Things That Happened to Me After Prostate Surgery.

As you read through the site, please remember that I am not a doctor – I’m an accountant – and my story is strictly for informational purposes only.


Do NOT – under any circumstances – make a decision for your own health based on anything you find on this site.  This information cannot substitute for the advice of a medical doctor. Always consult a licensed medical doctor before taking any action on your own health. All cases of prostate cancer are different.

Please also read our important Disclaimer and Terms of Use.