Avinash Baht (CC By 2.0)

Avinash Baht (CC By 2.0)

Before I went in for da Vinci robotic prostate surgery, my doctor told me, “we let you rest on the day of surgery, but then get you up the next day.”  Ok, that sounded reasonable to me.

In the back of my mind, I recall reading how some doctors recommend you get vertical after surgery, walk a few steps – if you can. It helps to get the blood flowing.  However, you have to follow your own doctor’s orders.

In my particular case, after the robotic surgery, I was wheeled up to my hospital room at about 12:00 noon, as I recall. Then at about 3:00 pm, I asked the nurse if I could get up and walk, knowing that my doctor said to take it easy that first day.  The nurse said ok, let’s do it.  So she helped me out of bed, and we walked a short way down the hall.

The point is, after robotic surgery, and I know this sounds crazy, I really didn’t feel any pain from the “surgery” itself.  Never did take any pain medication while in the hospital or at home. (My throat was sore from a breathing tube they inserted during surgery.)

Now the “hangover” from the general anesthesia – that’s a whole different thing.  I was in a fog all day from that.

I would imagine, and this is just a guess, that if you have the traditional or open form of prostate surgery, you would have pain from the incision made in your groin.  But in robotic surgery, all I had were 5 or 6 “keyhole” or dime-sized marks on my abdomen, and to the naked eye, they looked closed up.

Yes, there is the incision in my belly button where they took the prostate gland out of my body, but that’s about 1″ and feels like I just did a hundred sit-ups the day before.

So in my particular case, I got up out of bed on the same day of surgery.  You may or may not.  Every case of prostate cancer is different. Every patient is different.

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