Surgery day + 31 days

Continence is better again today, I notice progress almost day by day
now. The real magic number seemed to be 4 weeks. After I hit that mark, my
continence seems to be really improving noticeably. Make no mistake, I am
still leaking, but there is definite overall improvement.
Most online information seems to point to around the 3 month time frame –
post op – for return to continence, not the 4+ weeks here, but then again, I am
not fully continent by any means – just noticing some overall better progress.

Surgery day + 32 days

Ok, this is weird. It’s 3:00 pm in the afternoon, and I have been on one
Depend® shield all day long, it’s like somebody flipped a switch. I would
estimate – based on one day, today – that I am 80% of the way back to

Day 32 is way-way too early for this kind of control, according to online
sources; it should be more like 3 months. Perhaps the skill of my doctor had
something to do with it. Caveat – I have been laying on the couch a lot today
watching sports, so maybe it’s not a “representative” day. Update @ 6:30 pm –
I am getting more leaking this evening.

So the big picture is that my urinary control starts out well in the morning and
– over time – I get this control to last longer and longer through the day – until
almost dinner time today. Then the leaking picks up again later in the evening.

Surgery day + 35 days

Took a late shower this morning and just stayed in my robe until about
10:30 am with no pad at all. Didn’t even think of putting one on, but then I
felt a drip and remembered that I have a continence issue still – but the point
is, things are definitely improving. Every day seems to bring more noticeable

Surgery day + 38 days

Drove my wife to the airport this morning, and had no leaks whatsoever. This
is further proof that my urinary control is getting better. In the morning, I
would say it’s almost complete control or completely back to normal. I don’t
even think about leaking.

Surgery day + 39 days

I took a shower this morning and walked around with just a robe, then –
absentmindedly put on underwear with no pad whatsoever – and went about
my business. Later, realized I did not have a pad, so I put one in, but no
leakage up to that point.

Surgery day + 46 days

There is nothing like getting up from being prone, like watching television on
the couch or getting up from an afternoon nap, and then taking a huge whizz
with fire hose pressure – resulting in a complete emptying of the bladder.
As a matter of fact, when I urinate now, I aim right down the center of the
water in the toilet, making as load a roar as I can.

Surgery day + 50 days

Generally speaking, the week between weeks 6 and 7 was a momentous watershed
type week for me. I dried up all-of-a-sudden-like to the tune of 1
Guard-pad per day, most days.

Surgery day + 53 days

Guys, let me ask you, when was the last time you avoided all water like the
plague at night. Because if you did, you’d have to get up a million times at
night to pee, right?

If you’re thirsty, your body is probably telling you it needs water – therefore, it’s
healthy to drink some water, right? But we don’t do it. Why? Because we’ll be
up all night peeing, that’s why. We deny ourselves. Well I don’t anymore.
Last night I was thirsty, so I took a couple of drinks of water before bed. It’s
winter and the air is dry and I needed hydration. It’s healthy too, no doubt. I
did not get up at all last night – zero times – and had a perfectly normal pee in
the morning.

Surgery day + 55 days

Tomorrow is 8 weeks since surgery, and I want to say that, I am mostly dry. I
wear one pad per day now, and it does get somewhat wet by the end of the
day, but I don’t feel those squirts like I used to. The leaks are “phantom” and
few and far between.

Got results back from my first PSA test after surgery – blood was drawn
around 8 weeks post op. PSA level <.01 ng/mL or undetectable. This is good
– no sign of prostate cancer. I will have to monitor this going forward for any

Surgery day + 64 days

My wife was commenting today about how my bathroom doesn’t “smell”
anymore. I told her it’s because my pipes are clean! That old inflamed,
prostatitis infected gland is now removed, and after taking Cipro® for a week
after surgery, my urinary tract is now clean as a whistle.
Any urine smell is dietary-based – like when you eat asparagus.
I am not using any pads now, and I am not sure exactly when that happened.
Oh sure, there may be a slight dribble when I sneeze or something, but I
believe I did that before surgery also.


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