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April 2016

Spillage of Cancer Cells During Surgery

By |April 22nd, 2016|

Will cancer cells spill into my body when the surgeon is in there cutting away?  This was one of my main questions, when I was considering how to treat my prostate cancer.  Which therapy should I go with?  If I choose surgery, won’t that make things worse (in the long run) by cutting up the prostate gland in my body and spilling the cancer cells all over the place?  Over time, won’t that allow the cancer to come back  (biochemical recurrence) ?

Well you should ask your doctor about this, because I did.  And I got a very good answer (for me and my specific case).

There are things in this world called “specimen retrieval bags.”  Medical equipment companies make them.  […]

December 2014

Won’t My Prostate Cancer Spill Into My Body if I Have Surgery?

By |December 27th, 2014|

This is one of the questions I had before going in for prostate surgery. Ok, so my doctor is about to remove my prostate gland, which the biopsy has already said is cancerous. Is he going to slice it up in my body before he takes it out? If so, aren’t some of those cancer cells going to leak out into my body and stay behind even after the cancerous gland is removed? That can’t be a good thing.

For me, the quick answer was – nothing should leak out, and here’s why… (All I can talk about is my case – you have to talk to your doctor about your case.)

When I had robotic prostatectomy, the surgeon removed my […]

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