The Urological Trifecta after Radical Prostatectomy – What is it exactly?

By |December 27th, 2014|

Most of us have heard of the word, trifecta, especially as used in the horse racing world, but it can also mean “winning” three things in a row – a triple win if you will. Well urologists also use the term for men who undergo a radical prostatectomy or complete removal of the prostate.

What exactly is the trifecta or triple win after prostate surgery? It’s a very ambitious undertaking to accomplish three goals for you, the patient.
Trifecta Goal #1 Control and/or eliminate the prostate cancer in your body.
This of course has to be the most important goal of any treatment for prostate cancer – take care of the number one problem – eliminate the disease from your body.
Trifecta Goal […]